What is ACT Strategist?

ACT Strategist is a SME support platform with a core service of a online business consulting.

How can I get consultation service on the platform?

To book a consultation it is necessary to select the desired consultant and click on the "Register" button right after, registration form will appear which you will need to fill in. After the filling, you will get consultation link on mail and once the consultation time will come, you will have to move on a following link where consultation will start.

What are the constraints of receiving business consulting?

Beneficiary of business consulting on the platform can be anyone juridically representing the business field.

Why is the business consultation free of charge?

The platform was created within the corporate social responsibility of "ACT", the costs of consulting are covered by the company itself.

Business consultation should normally be free, but after the booking, I received an invoice on the mail

After any booking, all customers receive an invoice regardless of charging, if the consultation was free of charge, the total amount to be paid in the invoice will be 0.

What should I do if the consultation is booked but I am unable to attend?

In order to cancel the consultation you should contact us at contact@act-strategist.ge or call at +995 032 2 422 310.
If you inform us about the cancellation 2 days before the consultation, the paid amount will be refunded in full, and in case of a free consultation it will not be considered completed (you will have as much free consultation left, as you had before).