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Giga Vashakidze

International Business Development Director l ACT

Giga Vashakidze is International Business Development Director at ACT. Giga is a Brand Management and Commercial strategy development professional with 15 years of experience. He is a strategic consultant in brand development and commercial planning strategies.

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Philosophy: My philosophy is based on the belief that any company’s most precious asset is their customer. I have devoted my career to studying customer behavior and enhancing commercial processes within the organization to ensure effective and profitable ways of meeting consumer needs and demands.


Giga Vashakidze is a brand development and commercial planning professional with long-standing experience in the FMCG product category in Georgia and Caucasus region. His vast experience covers such product categories as soft drinks (IDS Borjomi Holding), food and snacks (Kraft Foods), cigarettes (Philip Morris International) and cosmetics and personal care products (Avon Cosmetics). He has managed such brands as „Bakuriani“, „Alpen Gold“, „Marlboro“ და „Avon Cosmetics“, launched such brands as „Barni“ and „Tuc“ in Caucasus region.

Giga is a strategic consultant for commercial and non-commercial brands. His public sector works include Caritas International's (Creating Brand identity and communication strategy for the local branch in Georgia) and Georgian Bar Association (Commercial services development plan.).

Currently, Giga Vashakidze holds the position of International Business Development Director at ACT Research and Strategic Consulting company where he manages a portfolio of international clients and develops the presence of ACT in the international arena.

Apart from the main professional activities, Giga is an invited lecturer at Ilia State University where he teaches Branding, Marketing and Communication management as a part of BBA and MBA programs.


2006 – 2007

Central European University

Business School


2000- 2004


European School of Management



Sandro Natroshvili | Fhelix
1 - 23/10/2021 18:29

I am immensely pleased and grateful for Mr. Giga’s advice. In 2 hours, we discussed virtually all the important issues and did the business modeling. I got so much more out of it than I could have imagined. I can say nothing more than thank you.

Maia Khositashvili | LLC ,,Psycho-solutions"
1 - 23/10/2021 18:29

The consultation was 100% helpful, namely:

1. Tangible results - Despite the situation of the newly established company, when there is a kind of chaos and uncertainty, Giga Vashakidze's complex approach led to the creation of a certain framework and order at the end of the consultation. In particular, it reviewed and identified such key areas, priorities and target segments that were not even considered before the consultation. Thus, from an absolutely new perspective, the issue of positioning the company was reconsidered and brought into a certain framework;

2. Professional communication and directness - I appreciate Giga's professional approach to work. Prior to the consultation, get acquainted with and study the company in advance. Moreover, he found company analogues internationally and shared them as examples. His approach is based on full involvement in the process, which means analyzing and discussing various issues from the position of both the company and the potential customer. As a result, the company's capabilities, limitations, and unique competitive advantages that were not apparent prior to the consultation were identified. I especially appreciate Giga Vashakidze's directness and sincerity, for example, regarding the company's limitations and challenges;

3. Creative process - The consultation process was inspiring and Giga Vashakidze's approach helps you to reach certain conclusions, the so-called. Get to the insights. Thus, at the end of the consultation there are also important ideas that can be turned into innovation. Consultation is the best opportunity to find the necessary approaches and take action in a short time. Thank you for this opportunity.

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Sanatha Chargazia | Headcount
1 - 23/10/2021 18:29

It was very interesting to consult Giga. While our company stands out for its specificity - it quickly grasped the challenges and offered valuable tips, insights and directions. More specifically, the consultation helped us to analyze the existing market, competitors, positioning factors and better define the business task. In addition, it provided us with interesting ideas for brand formation and increasing awareness. I think it will be really interesting for any company that works on branding or its strategic management to consult with Giga Vashakidze.

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