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Giorgi Kalatozishvili

Founder l Reminder

Giorgi Kalatozishvili is a co-founder and partner of "Reminder". Giorgi Kalatozishvili has 15 years of experience working in consulting businesses and strategic communications, and 20 years of experience working in the media.

Working language: GEO RUS

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Philosophy: You could be reactive and react to changes in the outside world, or be proactive and react to your activities - the choice is up to us, what path we choose to take and will be constantly adapting if our curiosity and desire for development push us forward. Every person and organization that is also created by people has a unique chance and potential to become more proactive, socially active, and more flexible for the benefit of themselves and society.


During various periods, Giorgi headed the Public Relations and Information Service at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (2012-2014), the Public Relations and Marketing Service at Delta (2016-2018), and was the head of the global company ACT brand development and PR service (2014-2015). ) And CEO of the first coaching company in Georgia, Growin Eli director (2015-2016), the company '' Dia, "the director (2011-2012).

Since 2011, Giorgi has been actively involved in advocacy and has worked in this direction to increase access to treatment for hepatitis C in Georgia and to reduce stigma-discrimination programs. Social marketing and advocacy play an important role in his life. In 2018, Giorgi headed the Communications Service of the Georgian National Drug Policy Platform and coordinated the communication activities of 41 organizations within the platform, which aimed to carry out drug policy reform in Georgia and its effective advocacy.

Giorgi is actively involved in educational activities - from 2011 to 2012 he taught the basics of public relations at LEPL Gori Teaching University ( Since 2015 he has been conducting trainings at Growin, the first coaching company in Georgia, at the Public Relations College, Cambridge Study Agency. In 2016, he taught "Art of Public Speech" at the International Black Sea University (, since 2018 he has been teaching anti-crisis PR and strategic communications at Ilia State University ( and PR Academy (www.pra). ge). Since 2019, he has been a trainer for short-term certification programs at the Georgian-American University (, Project Management Course - PMC) and the European Business School (, CEO-Top Management Program). From 2005 to present, he has conducted more than 100 trainings, master classes and public lectures.


1996 - 2004 - Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli State Institute of Cinema and Theater, Faculty of Cinematography. Quality: Filmmaker / MA

In addition to his academic education, Giorgi Kalatozishvili has undergone international and local certification programs such as:

2016 - Certificate Course in Negotiation "The Art of Negotiation" (Growin)

2015 - Ericsson International Institute's 4-module certification program "Transformational Coaching Science and Art" (

2013 - "Mediation: Conflict Transformation, Effective Dispute Resolution and Alternative Conflict Resolution" (Partners Poland Mediation Center).

2011 - Effective Crisis Communication Management (The MGI Management Institute & PRSA).

2011 - Summer School of Advocacy in Harm Reduction (OSGF).

2009 - Integrated Marketing Communications (GAU PR School).

2008 - Marketing Certification Course (ESM).