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Giorgi Kikabidze

Head of IT Department l ACT

Giorgi Kikabidze is the head of the Information Technology and Software Department at ACT with 17 years of work experience.

Working Languages: GEO RUS

My profession is my life

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Philosophy: My profession is my life. It’s unbelievable for me to do something I don’t like. I think there are no unresolved issues, there are new challenges the key to which is in us and our teams.


Giorgi Kikabidze has been working for the consulting company ACT for 13 years, and since ACT opened offices in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan he has been successfully providing IT support to all three of the company's offices. For Giorgi, remote management of companies is a common form of work, which has been very useful in a crisis; it took him less than 24 hours to transform all three offices and more than 80 operators of Tbilisi and Almaty, to work remotely.

With George’s involvement, most of ACT’s work processes are digitized and are very flexible for both team members, company partners, and clients. Since 2017, the Face to Face surveys of respondents has been fully transferred to the electronic format (CAPI system). Since 2008, Giorgi has made possible to translate ACT's focus groups online, and in 2018, the service has been significantly refined and made flexible and interactive for both Georgian and foreign language clients. Since 2018, all three of ACT offices have moved to a new platform, where each employee can create synchronized backup files placed on work computers and securely access or share them remotely. The most important thing for Giorgi is to protect the company's intellectual property, thus he spends a lot of time providing cybersecurity. All company servers, platforms and VPN connections between offices are protected by SSL certificates. With George's initiative and involvement, the company's currently working on a new platform for CAPI and CATI, which will become an exclusive product of ACT in the nearest future.


George is a lawyer by profession, but he has never worked in his professional field. Since 1998 he has started developing himself in a completely new field of that time, the IT field. One of his favorite activities is attending and participating in cybersecurity and IT infrastructure topics.