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Lasha Bokuchava

Head of data analysis and statistics department l ACT

Head of data analysis and statistics department at “ACT”. Lasha is an organizational development consultant, trainer, business analyst, researcher and data analyst with 15+ years of experience

Working Language: GEO

To make the invisible visible means to better fight the fear of the future caused by uncertainty

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Philosophy: In today’s informational world, having the ability to organize, process and analyze data is a real competitive advantage. It was the ability that helped me to succeed in my career. Through years of experience, I have learned how to separate the crucial information, that helps organizations or individuals to ensure against risks and to seize new opportunities. I have been sharing acquired knowledge as a mentor, researcher and business consultant for a decade and I am ready to continue supporting organizations/individuals, who need my experience in the future.


Lasha Bokuchava joined “ACT” in 2003, the day of its actual establishment and has been in charge of data processing from the very beginning. Nowadays, he holds the position of the Head of the Data Analysis and Statistics Department in “ACT”. Over the course of 17 years of collaboration with “ACT”, under his responsibility, Lasha has developed data processing and analysis technologies and has introduced a number of software programs that have helped “ACT” quickly overcome large-scale projects, become a market leader and enter international markets. In addition to his direct curatorial area, Lasha has been actively engaged in the process of the company’s organizational development as a consultant and has participated in more than 300 consulting or research projects. Lasha works with the latest technologies and software for data processing, visualization, and analysis.

Beyond his professional activities, Lasha has been actively involved in educational activities. He lectured at ESM, Caucasus Business School (CSB) and Georgian Institution of Public Affairs (GIPA).

In addition to his work in “ACT”, Lasha has been invited as a researcher and a senior consultant at the Caucasus Resource Research Center (CRRC), the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat), PMCG, GIZ, and Oxfam. A number of interesting projects were planned and implemented with them.

His interest in technologies drove Lasha to establish a software company - “Coresoft” in 2009, which provided “ACT” with survey tools and related software.

Lasha has been engaged in the activities of the company New Technology Solutions (NTS) since 2018 as a management consultant. He has been the Chair of the Board of the same company since 2019. NTS is a fast-growing company in the field of electric engineering, which has been doubling its turnover every year for the last 3 years, which is the result of correct decisions in the direction of organizational development.


2003 – 2005

I. Javakhishvili State University - Tbilisi, Georgia

Faculty of Management and Microeconomics, Majoring in Economic Information Systems in Management (MA)

Diploma (MA)

1999 – 2003

I. Javakhishvili State University - Tbilisi, Georgia

Management and Microeconomics, Majoring in Economic Informatics

Diploma (BA)