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Nino Niauri

Founder and Managing Partner l One Point

Nino Niauri is a Shareholder and the Managing Partner of the HR outsourcing company – ONE POINT. Nino has 18+ years of Human Resources Management and Organizational Development Experience.

Working Languages: GEO ENG RUS

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Philosophy: Strong Organizational procedures and Human Resources Management Systems make company progressive and proactive and each time, when I feel like a part of this process and see the result of my effort to help managers to improve their performance, it makes me feel happy.


Nino Niauri is a Shareholder and the Managing Partner of the HR outsourcing company – ONE POINT. She has a huge experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Management Consulting field.

Before the establishment of the company ONE POINT, from 2016 to 2019 she was leading HR &OD Departments of one of the biggest holding companies in Georgia – Georgian Industrial Group.

From 2011 to 2016 she was Director of HR In telecommunication industry –  JSC Silknet

Before 2011 She was leading Human Resources Management in different industries – Banking, Hospitality, Distribution, etc.  Implemented projects for USAID, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, Eurasia Foundation, Europen Council, OSGF, Mark Melman’s Group, World Bank, Caucasian House, Women’s Initiative for  Equality, etc.

The ‘One Point’ operates on the market for more than a year. Besides different kinds of small and medium companies, the group gives consultations for big companies as well ‘Diplomat Georgia’, Silknet’, ‘Geocell’, Georgian Railway’ etc. Moreover, Nino is a co-founder of the ‘Human Resource Management Centre – ‘Headcount’, One of the biggest mass recruiting companies and counselors in employment and retention. Also, Nino is the expert who gives consultation for top managers of different fields and HR professionals.


Ana Ivanishvili | ACT
1 - 23/10/2021 18:34

I consulted with Nino about team management and motivation.

I would like to mention that I received accurate recommendations for my questions, I saw a wider picture, which helped me to plan specific events, how to be an effective manager in managing my team, how to identify team inconveniences from the beginning and make adequate time That the team be united and effective in its activities.

I think it is important for any direction manager to properly understand the challenges that exist within the team. His vision and vast experience will help everyone to implement effective management at the level of his department. Another big thank you for the contribution you made to my future work as a result of this recommendation.

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Irine Javakhadze | Saba
1 - 23/10/2021 18:34

While working in many companies, I have benefited from Nino's consultations and professional advice. Several times we found ourselves in a situation where it was difficult to protect both the employee and the interests of the company, each time Nino's recommendation and different visions allowed us to find the best solution due to her experience, pragmatic thinking and result-oriented decisions.

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Nana Tvalabeishvili | Silknet
1 - 23/10/2021 18:34

I have a long period of cooperation with Nino Niauri. Its innovative approaches and systems have been implemented in many companies and still work successfully today. Therefore, the professional advice and advice received from her is always valuable, targeted and tailored to the interests of the specific business.

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Nino Jorbenadze | JSC Georgian Railway
1 - 23/10/2021 18:34

Nino is a top professional in her field. Always accurately and correctly assesses the needs of the organization and accordingly plans the measures to be taken. With balanced, result-oriented visions, any initiative can be equally acceptable to both the employee and the employer. It takes the greatest responsibility for any project and presents initiatives to improve the systems implemented over time.

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