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Tinatin Rukhadze

General Director, co-founder l ACT

Tinatin Rukhadze is co-founder and General Director of ACT. Tinatin is an entrepreneur, business leader, and manager that counts more than 20 years of experience. She has an education in Psychology (MS) and Business (MBA), plus she is a certified international coach and NLP practitioner.

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Philosophy: My life and work are based on the belief that human capabilities are limitless. This belief helps me see special strengths and capabilities in leaders, teams, or organizations, and with my experience and competencies, I help them unlock and enhance that potential.


Since 2002, Tinatin Rukhadze is co-founder and general director of a consulting company – ACT. Under her management ACT has become the market leader in Georgia and later begun an international expansion. At present, the company has offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, and operates in more than 20 countries. Tinatin continues to successfully manage ACT and global business development. Besides, Tinatin, as a leading consultant and business coach of the company, is involved in ACT projects and provides strategic consultations to the leaders of both private and public organizations in different countries.

Tinatin was also actively involved in educational activities - from 2007 onwards, she lectured at the following institutes: Free University, Caucasus Business School, International Business School (ISB), and Georgian University. In 2015, Tinatin Rukhadze and her partners founded the first coaching company in Georgia, GROWIN, which became the official representative of Erickson College International in Georgia. Today, Tinatin is the author and co-author of several successful programs in the areas of personal development, motivation, and leadership. She also conducts closed-door training for organizations, facilitation of strategic meetings, and personal coaching of top management at the GROWIN base.

In addition to her business management and coaching practice, Tinatin Rukhadze has been involved in business management since 2003 and is a co-founder, investor, and supervisory board member of microfinance organization “Lazika”, a travel agency “BTL”, HR outsourcing company “One Point”, construction company “TR construction”, Restaurant "9 Mta" and more.

Since 2014, Tinatin became actively involved in the public sector and contributed to its development. To that end, she co-founded the business association “Women for Tomorrow”, where she has previously served as a chairwoman and for now she is currently a board member.

In 2016, Tinatin appeared on Forbes Women Georgia's cover with an extensive interview for her special contribution to the business. In 2018, Tinatin became the winner of the prestigious Clicquot competition. The Clicquot Business Woman Award is called the “Oscar” of women business leaders, the awards are given to women around the world who have contributed to the development of the global economy and business.



Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Major in management consulting
Grenoble Ecole De Management, Grenoble, France


NLP licensed practitioner  

Richard Bandler, The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programing, London, Great Britain


Certified Professional International Coach

Erickson Coaching International, Kazakhstan


Master of Arts in Psychology

Ivane Javakhishvili State University Tbilisi Georgia


Bachelor of Science in Psychology,

Ivane Javakhishvili State University Tbilisi Georgia


David Chkhotua | Luar Georgia
მარკეტინგი და გაყიდვები | 1 - 23/10/2021 19:09

The best combination of professionalism and positive personal qualities. Thank you so much for the interesting and necessary tips. 10/10

Marekhi Gvaramadze | Kant's Academy
1 - 23/10/2021 19:09

The "compass alignment", I'd call the consultation that, it was incredible productive 1 hour.

It's hard to imagine in 1 hour acquiring the specific knowledge, abilities, skills, motivation or vision that your personal or organizational compass needs to align, though it really was the 1 hour that gave me that. Corrected my focus on the most important, fundamental issues, after which all other processes will be much larger and more efficient. Although in the organizational management process, I had a theoretical understanding of the right management or strategic development processes, the right questions asked during this meeting and the visions based on the vast experience, motivated me that the processes we started thinking about not so long ago in the organization, even more Fast, efficient and large-scale implementation of its founders. Thank you Tika, you are a train of amazingly motivating energy!

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Nika Getiashvili | MNG
1 - 23/10/2021 19:09

It was very interesting. When you work in different fields, you often have questions about how well you make decisions. How well you manage. Especially when there is such a crisis situation ... Thanks for the very useful advice and the right directions that you have shown me. After such training, the ambiguity disappears and there is time for action.

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Tato Vacharadze | Bene Creative
1 - 23/10/2021 19:09

It was as if new blood had been shed to me

Even ordinary physiological water transfusions take more than an hour, if anyone could motivate me in an hour I could not really imagine that.

Probably not this virus, such successful people would never have been able to devote so much time to us due to their schedule. Imagine for a second you if you were sitting for an hour face to face to a top manager who is hired by giant companies and she is giving you an advice.

I have personally looked at human resource management in a completely different way, my role in any success or failure, my involvement in their self-organization, that leadership is better than leadership, how I encourage their angry behaviors, and much more. In addition, I started having massive online meetings with my team and in two days I got such a result, I see a lot of motivation in them, as if I just had to press a button, I just did not know which button it was.

Definitely use this chance friends, I do not think there will be another time to talk to people with so much knowledge and experience about our problems and challenges. Thanks to the whole group and personally to Tinatin Rukhadze, on behalf of me and the whole Bene Creative

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