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Tornike Guruli

Head of Marketing l Tegeta Motors Holding
Strategic Communications Retail Sales Marketing PR Sales Change Management

Tornike Guruli has 20 years of experience in managerial positions and consulting. 21 years of experience in training and working with groups in both the private and public sectors. He has about 500 training conducted in 15 countries.

Working Languages: GEO ENG RUS GER

You are responsible not only for what you do but also for what you could and did not do.

Philosophy: I believe that in life, the most important aim is to set goals. Often these goals are a combination of dreams and ideas, the achievement of which requires a lot of hard work and energy. There is no progress without dreams and ideas. If we combine these dreams and ideas and add a lot of hard work, we will reach the goal. I am glad that for the last two decades I have been helping Georgian companies with ideas and dreams to achieve greater results and subsequently develop our country and people.


20 years of experience in managerial positions and consulting: “Sarke” Consulting, Wissol Group (Wissol, Smart, Wendy, Vianor), Bank of Georgia, PSP Pharma, Orient Logic, Georgia, Adjarabet. 21 years of training and experience working with groups in the private and public sectors. He has about 500 training sessions conducted in 15 countries.


Theodore Hoss Collage (Berlin, Germany), Technical University of Kemnitz (Kemnitz, Germany), Goethe University Frankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany), University of South Carolina (Columbia, USA), Technical University of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia), Ilia Chavchavadze State University (Tbilisi, Georgia)


ალექსანდრე მამულია | Bene Creative

გამარჯობა. პირველ რიგში, დიდი მადლობა ასეთ საჭირო დროს ასეთი კარგი პროექტის დაწყებისთვის. განსაკუთრებული მადლობა თორნიკე გურულს, რომელმაც ძალიან დროული და მნიშვნელოვანი რჩევები მოგვცა, რასაც არამხოლოდ კრიზისული პერიოდის დროს გამოვიყენებთ, არამედ მთელი ცხოვრების მანძილზე. გისურვებთ ჯანმრთელობას. 

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